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Ciptapangan Visitor
Avian Flu News Tracker
posted by admin on 14/06/06

Tuesday, June 13

3 p.m.: The Indonesian government has a tall task ahead of it in convincing Indonesians that bird flu is a viable threat. In the north Sumatra district of Karo, a group calling themselves the "Anti Bird Flu Rumours Coalition" protested the government's plan to randomly cull poultry after seven people died in the first family cluster of bird flu, the Ankara news service reported. The group slaughtered and ate five chickens and one man even ate a raw chicken's gall to prove that the poultry was healthy. Two weeks earlier, the AP reported that the one survivor of that family cluster -- also infected with H5N1 -- had refused treatment and his relatives snubbed protective masks and gloves when visiting him. The man has since made a full recovery and no other family members have fallen ill.

11:25 a.m.: A Chinese man suspected of having bird flu is in critical condition in the southern city of Shenzen, the Hong Kong government reported. Shenzen is a Chinese boomtown just across the mainland border from Hong Kong; it is a popular shopping and business destination for Hong Kongers. The 31-year-old man reportedly visited a market where live chickens were on sale, the Center for Health Protection said in a statement, and then on June 3 developed a fever and pneumonia. China has reported 12 bird-flu deaths; it has been a month since the last fatality, the official Xinhua News Agency on Monday quoted Chinese Health Ministry spokesman Mao Qun'an as saying.

10:45 a.m.: Ukraine reported its first outbreak of H5N1 in domestic poultry. The outbreak occurred in the village of Peski in the Sumy region near capital Kiev. The former Soviet state said it would take up to two days to cull the thousands of domestic poultry that must be destroyed.

1 a.m.: Dutch pharmaceutical giant Akzo Nobel NV said its animal-health unit Intervet has developed a prototype vaccine that can be applied to large avian populations to protect them against bird flu and Newcastle Disease. The new vaccine is delivered by spray instead of injection, though it hasn't yet been tested. Field trials are scheduled for next year. "The prototype combines the efficacy of the present vaccines with a mass application tool and could prove invaluable in helping to quickly protect large numbers of birds, which currently have to be injected individually," Akzo Nobel said.

1 a.m.: Indonesia's fight against bird flu is underfunded and poorly coordinated, the World Bank said, urging the Indonesian government to be more aggressive in culling fowl in infected areas. Indonesia has said it will need $900 million over the next three years to fight H5N1

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