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US complains about handicaps in trade with Indonesia
posted by admin on 03/04/06

Chicken import ban from the US since Sept 2000 is the prime issue.

New York (ANTARA News) - The United States government has complained about a number of problems and handicaps in its foreign trade with Indonesia, a US Trade Representative (USTR) office said.

In its annual report published in Washington DC on Friday, USTR which is responsible for developing and coordinating US international trade, commodity and direct investment policy pointed out a number of trade problems with Indonesia such as pirating, certification, services and import policies.

The USTR report was not only dealing with Indonesia but also with more than 60 other countries which are considered to have made "unfair" policy on the US exported product.

In relation with Indonesia, USTR complained among others about Indonesian Agriculture Ministry`s statement to have banned chicken import from the US since September 2000.

"The US has expressed its concern but the Indonesian Agriculture Ministry continued to stress on the importance of an assurance to the consumers that the chickens imported from the United States is halal," the report said.

The country has fulfilled the requirement of halal certification but Indonesia remained unconvinced of the need to lift the ban.

Due to the ban of chicken import from US, the country`s industry has suffered loss of about US$10 million per year.

Indonesia through its Agriculture Ministry also banned beef import from the US following the issue of mad cow disease on June last year.(*)

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