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Extra IPPC workshops held for farmers
posted by admin on 22/08/06

UK - Pig and poultry farmers are being given the chance to find out more about the new IPPC application process thanks to the NFU.

In advance of the application window for the new Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control rules the NFU has joined forces with the Environment Agency to organise four workshops to go through the IPPC forms.

NFU poultry board chairman Charles Bourns said: “Although we’re not happy with the IPPC charges and are pressing for a delay it is important producers understand what is required of them.

“Due to increasing interest we are hosting four additional workshops after a successful round was held during the summer. They will provide a great opportunity for producers to be taken through the whole application - step by step – leaving them with a good understanding of what is involved.

“The opening of the three month application window in November may still seem like some way away but we are urging producers to start thinking about their applications now. The paperwork required has been simplified but applicants need to start collecting information now – this cannot be left to the last minute.

“Those producers who have attended previous workshops have commented the task of making their application is now not as daunting as it originally seemed.”

NPA chairman Stewart Houston said: “I endorse Charles’ comments and would encourage producers to start the process as soon as they can. At least sit down and map the information they will have to provide and more importantly where they can get it.”

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